2017 Wine Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

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As a CIO or Marketing Director where should I be focusing my marketing time and dollars in 2017? The new year is upon us and it’s time to look into the future and talk about some 2017 wine digital marketing trends that can be leveraged into increase brand awareness. Wine marketing in the Washington can be tricky as it is a crowed market in some areas like Woodinville and the Puget Sound area or the Columbia Valley to name just a few.

Below are 4 areas every business leader, from a CIO’s to Marketing Managers should be focusing their efforts on in 2017:

Influencer Marketing

One of the most UNDER-PRICED marketing avenues is influencer marketing and it will be a 2017 wine digital marketing trend to jump on. Finding those people (influencers) and brands who have inclufence withing our targeted demographic not just within the wine community and taping them for wine product placement will bring big returns on your marketing dollars. Also, continuing to align yourself with luxury brands will prove to pay off in the branding department. Whether your are marketing DTC or B2B, local or worldwide, value or luxury the message is the same, use influencer marketing.


Today if you are not using video to market your wine, you are missing the boat. On many levels video one of the most important 2017 wine digital marketing trends to adopt. Facebook and Youtube are two great examples why we need to be focusing our marketing efforts on video. Let’s start with Youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.. and guess what? Google (the largest and most influential search engine) relies heavily on Youtbe data. This means that your videos (if posted correctly) will assist with your search engine rankings, thus more traffic to your property. Facebook has already mentioned a number of times they are focusing on video and it’s true. Take a Facebook post with no image or video and match that up against a post with just words and you will see a huge difference in post interaction

Live Streaming

Want to get bumped up on the radar of your followers? Start a live stream. Live streaming is a huge push and whether you are on Facebook, Periscope, UStream… you will be rewarded with viewers. You can tell Facebook is focusing on live streaming by looking at what they have done with their mobile phone app. In their last update, Facebook has dedicated PRIME menu space and added a live stream icon at the top of the app. Live stream production, tastings, your facility, your workers.. connect with your customers. Video is the fastest way to build an emotional connection that will last.

Mobile first strategies

I review analytics on many websites and can see where traffic is trending. Even in the older demo that typically is focusing on wine, I have seen a HUGE jump in mobile traffic. That being said, mobile is here to stay. So what does that mean? It means that marketing managers and CIO’s need to be thinking about HOW our customers are consuming our content on Mobile. What are the differences between iPhone and Android phones? What Apps are people using to get wine related content?

2017 wine marketing is going extremely competitive and making sure your company focuses on the four areas listed above will pay off AND separate you from your competition.