Eastside Small Business Email Marketing Assistance

There are two things we as business owners actually OWN. First, it’s our website, sometimes small business owners don’t even own their own site. Second is our email list. This is something that we own and can be considered an asset when selling our company. Using a strong email list is very important when marketing our business.


I have real world examples where I have asked a business owner “what is your slowest day?”. I created an email campaign and packed his “slowest” day. After that, he was a believer.

We can show you how to:

  • Create an email list
  • How to use FREE email marketing tools to manage your email list
  • How to create an effective email campaign.
  • How to evaluate your “open” rate and tune your email campaign.

Of course we can manage this all for you, but if you as a business owner want to spend the time and effort performing these tasks, we are happy to just educate.

Contact us today for a free small business email marketing consultation.