Northwest Restaurant Marketing

As a restaurant owner, you have little time for online marketing or any marketing for that matter. Partner with 425 Media and we will take care everything. We work directly with your store manager to create and implement an effective, LOW maintenance marketing plan. We work remotely here in Bothell for the most part and provide all of the necessary marketing tasks restaurant owners should be worried about. If you need us to come onsite, no problem!

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425 Media specializes in restaurant marketing in the Northwest. We support restaurants from Bothell to West Seattle.

Our Northwest restaurant marketing services include:

Restaurant Facebook MarketingFacebook Restaurant Marketing. Everyone is on Facebook. No matter your audience, as a restaurant owner, you should be using the heck out of Facebook. From like campaigns to paid advertising, 425 Media is focused on not just “getting likes” but “getting butt’s in the seats”!

Instagram Marketing for Restaurants 425 Media

Instagram Restaurant Marketing. Very popular with millennials and young adults, Instagram is a HUGE opportunity for restaurant owners. 425 Media uses Instagram’s reach to bring more people into your restaurant.


Twitter marketing for restaurantsTwitter Restaurant Marketing. Twitter’s popularity isn’t what it once was, but 425 Media ensures that your restaurant is adequately represented in the Twitter platform.


Pinterest marketing for restaraunts 425 MediaPinterest Restaurant Marketing. Pinterest is a very underutilized tool by restaurants. Being a visual, creative space for people to learn and share ideas, 425 Media understands the potential of the platform and its focus on the female user.


SnapChat marketing for restaraunts by 425 MediaSnapChat Restaurant Marketing. Very few restaurants are using Snapchat today to market their business. However, if you are targeting millennials especially or the 12-26 age markets, Snapchat is hugely popular and should not be ignored.


Restaurant website developement and marketing. SEO services as well as AMP tuning.Website development and Marketing including SEO and AMP services. At the end of the day, the only online properties that a restaurant owns is their Website and their Email List. 425 Media marketing efforts help drive customers TO your website while leveraging the social reach of social media platforms. We use advanced, ethical techniques to get your website ranked with Google and other search engines.

Restaurant local listing media managementOnline Restaurant Local listings Management. Navigating the Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine business page, Google Plus page process is highly


Yelp management for restaraunts by 425 Media MarketingYelp review and profile Management. IMHO, Yelp is one of the things most restaurant owners stress about, and they should, to a point. Remember, Yelp just wants your advertising dollars. Wonder why a 5 star review does not show up on your Yelp feed? We know. Wonder how to get reviews to show up on Yelp? We know.  We have been managing many restaurant’s Yelp profiles and reviews for years.

Northwest restaurant review managment. 425 MediaRestaurant Review Marketing. Getting reviews is not as easy as many people think. How you ask for reviews and more importantly WHEN you ask for restaurant reviews is an art. We have been getting great reviews for our customers for a long time. We understand the business of reviews and work hard to make sure your reviews are top notch!

Restaurant email marketing help. 425 mediaEmail Marketing. “SPAM!” That is the first thing every restaurant owner thinks of when they hear “email marketing”. NOT TRUE. When you build the right email list and send emails out in the RIGHT WAY, you get results!  Restaurant email marketing works, IF you do it right. 425 Media, does it right.

At the end of the day, we just take care of it. Plain and simple. Working with 425 Media is low maintenance, we listen to YOU and implement. We are completely transparent in what we do and are up front about our costs.  Check out our pricing here. Just pay a monthly fee, and we take care of the rest.

As a restaurant owner, what would working with 425 Media look like? Here is a rough idea on what to expect:

  1. A quick one hour meeting to get acquainted with your restaurant and your goals. We also meet with your restaurant managers to see what different ideas they might have.
  2. We collect any media you might have already, and take some of our own pictures and video of the restaurant.
  3. We come back to the office and create a marketing plan calendar with our ideas of posts and how we are going to engage your audience.
  4. We execute our online marketing throughout the month, sending status reports back to you with feedback.
  5. Every month we tune our marketing deliverable to ensure we are bringing in the right business to your restaurant.