Small Business Marketing in Woodinville

Woodinville small business marketing traffic

Getting the attention of potential customers is not easy. Small business marketing in Woodinville s actually a great place to have a business. The issue is that the Woodinville market is so crowed. The key to small business marketing, specifically in the food and wine business, is about getting the attention of potential customers.

Tactical take-away: Before you can market effectively to potential customers in Woodinville, you must understand who your IDEAL customer IS. Spend some time and think about that. Think about WHO that person is… For instance, don’t just say “I want to market to females.”  REALLY think about WHO that female is? Is she single, does she have kids? What does she drive, does she live in Woodinville? What is her income? Is she a wine drinker? Is she a coupon hunter? Really dive in and get to know who your ideal customer is. Once we have that data, we can then look at isolating the behaviors of that customer so we can understand HOW and WHEN to market to them.

Woodinville has number of different areas that small businesses are typically located, which makes marketing to customers in those areas, a little easier. Woodinville is broken down into districts (Warehouse, Downtown, Hollywood and West Valley).

Here are the physical assets that Woodinville small businesses can leverage to increase business:

How to get Burke-Gilman Trail users attention for marketing.

The Burke Gilman Trail. The Burke Gilman Trail is a gold mind for business in Woodinville. You don’t even have to close to the trail to get potential attention. Folks that are on the BGT often times mention, check-in or post something about the trail. Make sure your business goes through and interacts with those folks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Tactical take-away. If you are targeting folks on the BGT here is how I would suggest mining those potential customers. One. Make sure your website has some blog post about your service or business as it relates to the trail. Take that blog or page post and post it to your Facebook business page tagging the trail. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Burke-Gilman-Trail/132834896756698) then. Go through the list of folks who have checked in on the trail and comment on how you love the trail or something that is non-salesy. If nothing else like their comments. You can also do something similar on the other social platforms. This would be great to get eyes (attention) on your Woodinville small business.

Woodinville Winery Marketing how I would do itWoodinville Wine Country. Another great asset of Woodinville. WINE. Oh man, there are tons of opportunities here. If you are a restaurant.. I would be all over the wineries in Woodinville. Every weekend, there is a flood of people coming into Woodinville, JUST for the wine and these people need to eat. Think about your small business and how a wine drinker might be able to interact. Partnering with wineries is a great idea.

Tactical take-away: If you are a Woodinville business who wants to drive traffic to your business make sure you are following wineries on all the social platforms. Make sure you (as your business) are interacting with people who are leaving comments. Find the top 5 wineries that most align with your business and reach out to them. Again, if you are a Woodinville restaurant, figuring out what what kind of wine pairs well with your food and finding the winery that specializes in that type of wine is a gold mine.

Redmond Thru traffic. Everyone is heading to or from Microsoft every day tens of thousands of them. When marketing your Woodinville small business, make sure you are targeting Microsoft employees. If you are lucky enough to have a business on the Woodinville-Redmond Rd, then please tell me you have signage up AND it’s CLEAN and presentable. There are a tons of signs along the Woodinville-Redmond road that are scuzzy as hell. Not good.

So with everything going on in Woodinville, how you can get attention for your small or even LARGE business. Send us a note and let’s talk about how we can get YOUR Woodinville small business more local attention.