Getting My Woodinville Winery Attention

Woodinville wine social media marketing

Getting My Woodinville Winery Attention

Getting my imaginary Woodinville winery online attention is our next step. We have our platforms built out, now it is time to USE them. I am going to get very practical here. Let’s start with Facebook.

Using Facebook to market my winery. Since I have built and started my imaginary Woodinville winery, I must have an email list. It might be small, but I have friends, family, other wineries, partners and just people I have come across during my winery build-out. I would craft a great email asking each of them to like/follow my social platforms and, more importantly SHARE it with their friends and network. I would also be sure that my website has an email collecting mechanism.

I would also spend time doing a search on Woodinville wine and find all of the other wineries in the area and LIKE them. I would also LIKE all of the local restaurants in the area. By following all of these places, you are sure to get a few more LIKES out of it.

Once I start liking wineries in the area, I can see how they are posting. I can also start commenting on the posts and becoming a member of the community.

Speaking of being a member of the community, I would also join any Woodinville wine associations out there. This instantly would give my winery credibility and might help my efforts on social.

What would I post? Not really sure. As many images and videos of my own content as possible. I would also would use Google News and search for “woodinville wine”, “Washington wine” and start creating content around news that I have found.

REMEMBER: The purpose of social media and ALL OTHER WEBSITES is to point BACK to my website. It is on my website where I can control what is show, convert new customers. My website needs to be the HUB of my internet activity. I would focus on making my website come up first for the keywords I am hunting for.


Woodinville Winery Marketing how I would do it

Woodinville Winery Marketing. How I Would It.

Woodinville Winery Marketing. Free brain dump time! I had a marketing meeting the other night with a local Bothell non-profit. Someone at the table asked me if I owned a winery in Woodinville, how would I go about marketing online. Great question!!

I am by no means a wine buff, but I do understand people and their online habits. So, here is a stab at Woodinville winery marketing.. Remember, I don’t know everything about the wine business, but MOST of what I talk about below applies.

Ok, FIRST things first. Whenever I create a marketing plan, I start by identifying who the target customer would be. I guess it might depend on the wine, but I would say that it would be men and women between the ages of 21-65. Ok. I have my target for Woodinville winery marketing.

Now, where are those people spending most of their time online? Hmmm. Facebook, Web Search, Mobile, Email and some Instagram. Ok, so now I know who I am targeting and WHERE I am targeting them.

My guess is most of these folks will be using their mobile phones to search for and to stumble upon my winery. Based on the analytics of my other customers, I see that there is a huge trend away from the desktop towards mobile. Everyone is on Facebook, however, you find younger folks are on Instagram and Snapchat. I am going to ignore Snapchat, but I do think there are some interesting wine marketing ideas that we could use Snapchat for… but that discussion is for another time.

Again,  am guessing, but in general I think I would be marketing to local folks. Yes, I want my Woodinville winery to be WORLD FAMOUS… but I cannot conquer the world if I have not conquer Woodinville, the Eastside and the Greater Northwest first.

Another facet of Woodinville winery marketing that I would need to know is HOW are people buying my wine? Do I have an e-commerce presence? (I would hope so) Or perhaps I sell wine on a third party site? Am I trying to get exposure to different wine distributors so that they will push my wine? Perhaps I want to target LOCAL Bothell, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Redmond businesses and restaurants directly. Each of these funnels require a strong online presence before I could approach them. When a potential customer looks my winery up on the internet (or on social), we need to be found.. on whatever platform, website, device they are on.

I will break this blog into a few different posts as I need to get dinner started..

PHASE 1 The Woodinville Wine Marketing Online Build-Out

So first things first. I would make sure my winery had a RESPONSIVE website. Meaning the website changes in response to the device it is being viewed on. I am not going into the specifics of website design and layout, but there are a ton of rules for winery website design and content that everyone should follow.

Now I have a well built, website. Check! Next is my social media platforms. For this we will need media, media, media. Images, videos, product descriptions, etc.

Facebook. I would create a Facebook page and pack it full of content and tune the Facebook page for the best conversions. I would add at least 5 images and 2 videos to the Facebook page.

Instagram. Next I would create a Instagram account, do the same. Including all of the little details I can. Adding the website in the bio. Add at least 9 images to the Instagram account. Each post getting highly targeted hashtags and linking back to your website.

Twitter. Yes, Twitter is going through some rough times, but it is still used as a SOCIAL SIGNAL for search and is a great way to establish myself as the best winery in Woodinville. I would build it out, add 5 images and 2 videos with descriptions. Linking as much content as possible back to your website.

Pinterest. Pinterest is huge within the female demographic (although I spend a fair amount of time on it as well) and is a great place to build out a profile and add some media, of course, linking back to your website.

Now I would go back to my website and make sure I add social media links to the website back to the properties I just created. I would also create 5 blog posts with images about my winery including information for Woodinville and the surrounding areas.

Next on my list of focus areas for Woodinville wine marketing is citation sites. Citation sites are sites like Google Business listings, Yahoo Listings, Yelp, etc. I would do some research and find the top 10 Wine specific citation pages (as well as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp and Trip Advisor) and set up my business there. Including as much media (images and video) as I can. Of course, linking back to my website in every case.

Next blog post, Phase 2 Getting Woodinville Winery Attention