Washington Winery Digital Marketing

Washington winery digital marketing is no simple task. Washington wine has exploded over the last 10 years and we are seeing some of the growing pains coming from a crowed market. Finding a way to differentiate yourself from the pack is getting harder and harder. This is where highly targeted and strategically executed digital marketing can really help. Whether you have an established winery or you are just starting out, downloading our 2017 Winery Online Marketing Checklist is a great way to get started.

One of the first things every winery owner or operator should be doing is looking ahead to what is next. Looking for the trends and being on the front of a wave can push your influence must faster and farther. Looking for wine marketing trends and driving value into those trends will be critical in the coming years.

Marketing your winery is about building a BRAND. It is important understand what your specific brand is all about and why it is special. Before you can market anything, you need to have something to market. A wine bottle with a label will not cut it these days.

If you are a winery and need help marketing your wine, contact me. I will come out and give you a free hour of my time and we can talk about your business and I can give you some ideas. Bring a pen and paper, record audio or video to take notes and I will rapid fire some marketing suggestions and tips to help you out. Don’t worry about hiring us, just a free, hassle free, sales free visit. I might ask to give 425 Media a quick review if find value in our conversation. Here are some topics we can talk about:

Wine business marketing goals

Wine website evaluation and tips

Social Media platform (Facebook, Insagram, Twitter, Pinterest)

Wine specific Email Marketing strategies

Wine Tasting and Event Marketing Tips

Facebook and Google Ads for Wineries