BBQ Catering Quotes: How to Add Value

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BBQ Catering Quotes: How to Add Value

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There are so many different bbq catering companies out there today. So how do you set your catering company out from the rest? It’s easy. Provide MORE value to your potential customer.

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For instance: Most bbq catering website show a menu and provide a simple form to submit a bbq quote. Perhaps some images… but that’s it. 95% of bbq catering sites fit this description. Where is the value? Sure, you are offering your bbq catering service, but how does that HELP the customer?

Let me give you an example of a bbq catering site that DOES provide value,

Not only does the site provide a ton of bbq images and a bbq catering request form it provides much, much more value to the customer:

  1. Detailed descriptions of the types of bbq meats
  2. Detailed descriptions of the types of bbq sides
  3. Detailed descriptions of the different types of bbq styles
  4. A FREE bbq catering checklist of things you might need to do or buy
  5. A large list of bbq vendors in the area
  6. They also send MULTIPLE bbq catering requests with ONE submission which saves the customer a ton of time.
  7. In some cases they even vet or investigate the caterer to ensure they are qualified
  8. They even have a suggested layout for bbq catering so their customers can have the best bbq flow when serving.
  9. BBQ Caterer also helps specific groups such as administrative assistants, executive assistants, office managers, wedding planners and other event planning roles by giving them tools to help plan their bbq catered events more efficiently.

These are all little extras that provide the bbq catering customer with greater value than most other bbq catering sites.

These little value adds, help provide a much larger value then other bbq catering websites. Make no mistake, are thinking of the customer FIRST. What would help them solve the problem at hand.

Value folks, provide value to your customers and they WILL come.

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