Big Money Fundraising and Marketing

We have been doing some marketing work for a number of nonprofits lately. It’s tough getting nonprofit dollars.. especially with all of the disasters that have hit United States. This is where Big Money Fundraising because critically important for nonprofits.

So how can nonprofits find the donations to keep their nonprofits running and supporting their cause? It comes down to finding Big Money donors. For most nonprofits, 80% of their donations come from 20% of their donors. So why don’t they focus on those higher value 20%? It can be a number of reasons.

Fear. Most smaller nonprofits have been operating in a certain way for a number of years.. they are comfortable with the mass marketing and the smaller donations. Everyone in your nonprofit organization has a certain way they have done marketing for years. Changing up your playbook is not easy, but it MUST be done. Big money fundraising requires the nonprofit fundraiser to up their game into the unknown.. which is not easy. They must be brave and have faith in the process.

Time. Developing big money donors for your nonprofit takes time. Big Money donors are much different than your average donors. There are many different unique social and financial queues a nonprofit executive must listen and react too. These big money donors have different expectations needs that must be found, researched and most of all satisfied.

Big Money Fundraising is a must for non profits in Washington StateExpertise. Big Money engagement expertise is learned, it does not come easy. The way we interact, market too and engage with these Big Money donors, is not a skill that every nonprofit executive, program manager, community development manager or even just a volunteer within the organization know.

Risk. Taking time out of your normal nonprofit campaigns to focus on these big money fundraising is a risk. However, the outcome can hugely outweigh the risk that your nonprofit takes by not perusing large money donations.

We recently read a book buy a Philanthropist named John Shimer. The 2-book set “Secrets to Big Money Fundraising”. It was an easy read and made a ton of sense. He gives specific, achievable activities that help nonprofits get more large money donations.

If you are running a nonprofit, work for a nonprofit or just believe in a nonprofit, that book IS A MUST. They also have some nonprofit big big money training videos that give you an idea of what the book talks about, which I think is really smart.

If you are running a nonprofit and need help with your marketing or donation efforts, contact us.