Restaurant Marketing Question: Should Restaurants be on Pinterest?

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Restaurant Marketing Question: Should Restaurants be on Pinterest?

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Should restaurants in Seattle be on Pinterest? Short answer: YES.

Long answer: Time is the commodity that very few of us have much of these days. Here on Seattle’s Eastside.. it takes hours just to get from Bothell to Bellevue. Getting the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to restaurant social media marketing is really important. That being said, should you be carving out marketing time to make sure your Pinterest house is in order? YES.

Pinterest just released some stats regarding food posts.. “Food is one of the top categories on Pinterest with over 15 billion ideas and counting. And Pinner households spend 5% more on groceries than the national average.”

So yes, you should be working your Pinterest game and getting Pinerest inserted into your social media loop. At the very least, make sure your restaruant is ON Pinterest and that you have at least 10-20 photos out there. Here are some tips on the posts:

  1. Make sure that you name the images with the keywords you want people to use to find the image. For instance: DC329485.jpg = BAD. good.
  2. Make sure that you link EVERY image back to your website
  3. Watermark your images. If you don’t know how to do that, stay tuned I will show you.
  4. Try to add an image a month at the VERY LEAST. I would suggest adding an image a day.
  5. Work the platform. Make sure you are searching your local area (West Seattle for instance) for image. Make sure you are liking images with your location and other food related images that are the same.