Winery Online Marketing Checklist

Winery online marketing checklist

Whether your are an established winery with a current marketing process or you are a new winery, the 425 Media Winery Online Marketing Checklist is a great document to reference. Many times wineries get occupied with the day to day operations and forget about the basics of winery online marketing.

Using the 425 Media 2017 Winery Online Marketing Checklist is a great way to get a solid marketing baseline created and allows for more complex marketing efforts to easily be implemented.

Here are some key online marketing areas that we focus on specifically around wineries and wine:

Pre-marketing Tasks. What are some tasks that need to be completed BEFORE we start marketing our winery and wine. We talk about some branding tasks as well as how to effectively collect and create media for your wine marketing.

Winery Website Marketing. Having a website is critical for marketing your winery. Having a poorly configured website can be devastating to your winery. We go into detail around what you should be focusing on in 2017 including SEO, Email list building, blogging, content marketing and much more!

Wineries use of Social Media. Social media is everywhere. Everything now on the internet is social. We go through some high level tasks that every Woodinville winery should be doing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc.

Winery citation sites (directories). From a local perspective, a correctly configured citation site can drive a lot of traffic to your website or social properties.

Paid advertising for wineries. Wineries have many great options for paid online marketing and the value it brings over traditional print, TV and radio is incredible. We will go into some specifics on what to look out for when moving into paid online advertising.

Winery Email Marketing. Within the 425 Media 2017 Winery Online Marketing Checklist we talk about how to use an email list to increase sales and brand awareness of your wine.

Other Woodinville winery marketing areas. We talk about other areas, such as how to leverage local influencers, teaming up with other wineries, leveraging wine and business associations, events, etc.

Download the 425 Media 2017 Winery Online Marketing Checklist Soon!