The Basics: Vashon Island Marketing Package

The Basics ($150)

This package is designed to get your started on the road to marketing your business effectively. Each of the tasks below cost NO MONEY to implement. However, creating them correctly from the start is really important. Trying to change things down the road can be tough. Also, time is a huge factor. As a Vashon Island small business owner, time is your most precious commodity. So, I suggest you think about your long term strategy before implement each of these. Or of course get me to do it for you.

Here are the services 98070 Media provides in our BASICS package:

Search Engine Set Up

Most people use search to find goods and services. Today there are only a few search players and you need to be on each of them.  Our “Search Engine Set Up includes adding your business too:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

This activity will ensure that your business comes up when someone searches for it by name. Remember: This is different than your business coming up when searching for a specific category, like candles, bed and breakfasts, lunch spot, phrases like that. To come up for those types of searches, that requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities. Which of course, we can help with.

Social Media Set Up

Of course social media is great for Vashon Island marketing, and your business needs to be there when someone searches for it. We will create a business listing for you on the top 3 social media platforms. Remember, these platforms are not the only place you need to be, but it’s a great start. Our Basics package will get your Vashon Island business set up on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

This way at the VERY LEAST folks can LIKE your page and when they search for your business name, YOU come up.. not your competitor.

Website Evaluation

Why do we just provide a website evaluation rather than a “Website Setup” option? Well, for the most part, setting up a website takes much more time to do correctly. In order to keep the price point low enough, I dedicate about 30 minutes to looking into your website to make sure it is tuned in such a way that helps you get traffic (eyeballs). Here are some of the actions I perform during the Website Evaluation”

  • Check for proper website link structure
  • Check for analytics and data flow
  • Check for keyword density
  • Check site freshness and content
  • Check for the top 5 marketing plugins/modules.
  • Evaluate website for mobile

No website? No worries, I will take that 30 minutes and list out some things you will want to make sure your website has once you decide to invest in your own web platform (website).