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Social Media Management

They key is to find a way to get eyeballs on your message. This takes a mix of Social media marketing and website tuning

Building a Marketing Plan

425 Media builds custom marketing plans for small businesses on Seattle's Eastside

Website and SEO

425 Media specializes in building new or updating existing websites so that they get noticed by Google..

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BBQ Catering large plate of bbq

BBQ Catering Quotes: How to Add Value

There are so many different bbq catering companies out there today. So how do you set your catering company out from the rest? It’s easy. Provide MORE value to your potential customer. For instance: Most bbq catering website show a menu and provide a simple form to submit a bbq quote. Perhaps some images… but…

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Bothell Events

Using Bothell Events to Drive Traffic

Bothell small business marketing is not easy. In our little town of Bothell we have a very picky community. This community is out and about, doing what they are doing, getting stuck on 405, trying to find parking in downtown Bothell, their attention is elsewhere. Local Bothell area events are a great way to drive…

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Restaurant Website management and marketing

Restaurant Website management and marketing

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Pinterest for Restaurants. Marketing tips.

Restaurant Marketing Question: Should Restaurants be on Pinterest?

Should restaurants in Seattle be on Pinterest? Short answer: YES. Long answer: Time is the commodity that very few of us have much of these days. Here on Seattle’s Eastside.. it takes hours just to get from Bothell to Bellevue. Getting the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to restaurant social media marketing…

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Rebuilding Website.. fun.

Over the last few years I have been pretty much exclusively using Drupal to build my small business websites. One of the great things about Drupal is that it is HIGHLY extensive and customization… but what I have found is that 99% of what needs to be done for small business websites can be done…

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