How to Get Verified on your Facebook Author Page

We have mentioned the marketing importance of becoming a Genre SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the past and now Facebook has made it easier to do this through Facebook Verification. If someone is verified on Facebook they receive a “Verified Badge”, you notice a little blue circle with a white checkmark in the center to the right of your profile picture (See Below)

How to get the verified badge on Facebook. How authors can get verified on Facebook.

Facebook reserves the “verified” status to celebrities/public figures, global brands/businesses and the media and as authors; we qualify for this prestigious Facebook status. The verified badge lets Facebook uses know that your are the actual author and not just someone pretending to be you. It also alludes to the fact that you are important enough to NEED the verification, which you are. J

In the past, Facebook did not allow us to submit for the verified status and it was frustrating supporting very successful authors and not being able to get the verified status.  Fortunately for us, Facebook recently has started to allow us submit for the verified status.

Apparently, you do not need to have a huge number of LIKES on your fan page either. I found one author who only had 256 likes and was still verified. We are not sure how long they will be allowing this, so we suggest getting your requests in early.

Here is the process to get verified on Facebook:

  1. To confirm the request, Facebook requires one of the following be uploaded to them:
    1. Drivers License
    2. Passport
    3. Birth Certificate
  2. Submit the link to your website


THAT’S IT! Pretty simple. So where do you go to get Facebook verified? Just go to the official Facebook Verified Badge page

Authors take note: Please keep in mind that some Pages and profiles, including local businesses, aren't eligible for verification. So it is still up to Facebook whether or not you get selected as for a Verified Badge.

Tips that might help Facebook approve your request:

  1. Make sure that your Facebook author page has recent activity.
  2. Make sure that your Facebook Author page has all of the ABOUT section filled out, linking to your website.
  3. Make sure your website has a link to your Facebook Author Page.


If you have questions on this process or author marketing in general, just send us a note or hit me up on Facebook at 


As an Author, why is becoming a genre SME important?

First off, let’s talk about what IS a genre SME (subject matter expert). Being a genre SME means you are a person of “authority” within a genre. This idea of “authority” is not new to the internet. Google and Bing both place HUGE importance on authority. In fact, they both have mentioned that eventually, the author of the content will matter more than the content itself. That being said, to become relevant with the interwebs, you must establish yourself as an authority, or a SME. 
Why does being a SME help you sell books and market yourself? Great question! Here is an example. If you have a friend who has been a plumber for years and you have heard stories about he or she has tackled difficult issues, saved home owners money and got excited about new advances in plumbing technologies, wouldn’t you trust that person? Wouldn’t you go to that person for advice? Yes you would.

The same goes for us as authors. The more that we talk about, help out and create information that is within our genre, the more people (and search engines) will trust our work. The reason why I bring up search engines is that search, whether it be on our desktop, tablet or phone is the #1 way people find information about us and our writing genre. Our content needs to come up when someone searches for our genre, tall order, but it is a goal we need to work towards.

1.    Understand YOUR content the best. You MUST know everything about your work. The back stories, the research, the references, everything. You must know your work first.

2.    You understand your genre. You must understand the history and the future of the genre.

3.    Know the readers. Find and join all genre related reader and fan sites, groups, Facebook pages, sign up for newsletters, etc. You are a fan of the genre, there is no shame in letting others know you are a fan of the genre too. It helps get your name out there as well as keeping your finger on the pulse of the fans. Ask them what their favorite books are and why. Ask them what their top 5 authors in your genre are, and why. 

4.    Know, align and befriend the current SME’s in your genre. Most likely there are already SME in your genre. Find them, align with them. If these other authors are part of a group, or list, get on that list! If they speak at certain conferences, go to those conferences… if possible, SPEAK at those conferences. 
I think of the ThrillerFest Conference. If you are an author writing within the thriller genre, wouldn’t it be smart to be not only GOING to this conference to meet other thriller authors, but also, looking for ways to SPEAK at ThrillerFest

5.    Get out there and be seen. A New York Times best selling author told me once when I asked him how does he pick and choose what events he goes to, what book clubs he attends, he said “If I can do it, I do it.” Small book clubs, private genre parties, conferences, author podcasts, he does everything he can to get the word out… and it works. If you can’t find a genre based bookclub, START ONE!

Stephanie Meyer photo via Wikipedia and Gage Skidmore

Becoming a SME in your genre is easier than you think. Getting everyone else to know that is the hard part. It starts with you and your content. Start blogging, start posting, start creating content. Publish this content from your own website and start sharing it on social networks. Learn your genre and its history…. Just Google “The history of thriller genre” or “The history of romance novels” the information is out there waiting to be consumed. After doing your research, create a blog post about what you found and about where you fit into that history… share it with the people. 
Soon, authors, readers and search engines will take notice, then you are off to the races.

Write on!



Make Sure Your Facebook Author Page Posts are Seen: Get Notifications

Here is another reason why I do not put all my eggs in the Facebook basket. What posts that are considered “relevant” is completely up to Facebook! That means that whatever Facebook decides to put into your newsfeed, gets put in your newsfeed. So, how do you make sure your Author Page posts get seen by your fans?

There is an option your fans can select and it’s called “Get Notification”. By selecting the “Get Notifications” option, your fans will be alerted EVERY TIME you post onto your Author Facebook page. This is a good thing and I would suggest posting ever other month or so, letting your fans that there is a way they cannot miss a post. 

To ensure your Fans receive notifications when you post something, have them do the following steps:

1.    Login onto Facebook and go to your Author Page.
2.    Make sure they have LIKED your Author Page.
3.    Mouse over your author page and a menu should appear. One of those options should be “Get Notifications”. 
4.    Click “Get Notifications” (see below)
5.    THAT’S IT! Now, every time you post on your Author Page, they will get a notification. Look at the second screenshot below:


Make sure Fans see your posts with GET NOTIFICATIONS

Notice how when I posted something to my Author Page, it showed up on the user’s Facebook page:

Facebook users get notifications when they select GET NOTIFICATIONS

 Although we have not confirmed it, we have heard that Facebook looks at pages with HIGH “Get Notification” requests as higher requested content, thus making the content appear on more newsfeeds then standard content.



Author Marketing and Branding Assistance

Branding and Marketing is a process, not a product. Process is the key. Creating deliverables and achieving those deliverables. 425 Media can do as much as needed. Some clients we just advise. Others send us emails and have use do their marketing for them. Each author is different and each marketing plan is different as well.

At a high level, here is how we approach author internet marketing and branding:

  • We assess your current marketing state and the health of your author brand.
  • 425 Media then Creates an author’s “brand plan” by evaluating your specific author needs and desires.
  • We then create a plan to build the fundamentals for internet marketing
  • Coach the author on how to, with the least amount of effort, produce the highest valued content that produces results


Then, after the fun stuff is done, we work with the author to implement and execute our new internet marketing and branding plan by using providing detailed deliverables.

How do we measure our success? A number of ways, but from a technical standpoint, we place analytics (computer code from Google) on your website to determine where traffic (people) is coming from. This way we can see if the marketing that we are doing online is effective. These reports are yours and it is a way that you can see how we are performing.

Our strong suite is being able to make the technical aspects of internet marketing understandable to folks that are not “internet savvy”. I assume that everyone has the same amount of internet knowledge as my mother does… and that isn’t much. We build from there.