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They key is to find a way to get eyeballs on your message. This takes a mix of Social media marketing and website tuning

Building a Marketing Plan

425 Media builds custom marketing plans for small businesses on Seattle’s Eastside

Website and SEO

425 Media specializes in building new or updating existing websites so that they get noticed by Google..

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Pinterest for Restaurants. Marketing tips.

Restaurant Marketing Question: Should Restaurants be on Pinterest?

Should restaurants in Seattle be on Pinterest? Short answer: YES. Long answer: Time is the commodity that very few of us have much of these days. Here on Seattle’s Eastside.. it takes hours just to get from Bothell to Bellevue. Getting the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to restaurant social media marketing

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How to add an admin on Facebook. Like it!

How to add an ADMIN on your Facebook Page

Having someone manage your Facebook page can be one of the best things you do. Leaving the Facebook marketing to those who not only know it, they LOVE it is the best thing you could do for your business. Here is how to add someone as an ADMIN on your Facebook page. Log into Facebook

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Getting image to display when posting a link on Facebook

Getting images to post when sharing links on Facebook

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Ever have issues with Facebook not using the image in your posts when you share a link? It happens to me all the time. Here are some ways to fix images not appearing in your Facebook post. These tips are only for when you are sharing a link on Facebook. Facebook might have already pulledĀ the

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Woodinville wine social media marketing

Getting My Woodinville Winery Attention

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Getting my imaginary Woodinville winery online attention is our next step. We have our platforms built out, now it is time to USE them. I am going to get very practical here. Let’s start with Facebook. Using Facebook to market my winery. Since I have built and started my imaginary Woodinville winery, I must haveĀ an

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Woodinville Winery Marketing how I would do it

Woodinville Winery Marketing. How I Would It.

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Woodinville Winery Marketing. Free brain dump time! I had a marketing meeting the other night with a local Bothell non-profit. Someone at the table asked me if I owned a winery in Woodinville, how would I go about marketing online. Great question!! I am by no means a wine buff, but I do understand people

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Seattle Restaurant Marketing Checklist screenshot

Creating A Checklist for Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing in the Seattle area can be overwhelming. When working with many restaurants in the Seattle area, I noticed that there are some basic things that every restaurant should be doing. What I decided to do is create a FREE Restaurant Marketing checklist that contains the BASIC tasks every restaurant should be doing online

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Rebuilding Website.. fun.

Over the last few years I have been pretty much exclusively using Drupal to build my small business websites. One of the great things about Drupal is that it is HIGHLY extensive and customization… but what I have found is that 99% of what needs to be done for small business websites can be done

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