Small Business Social Media Help

We have all heard it: Social Media. Up until recently, business have largely ignored social media as a platform to market there Vashon Island small business. Not any more. Now, if your business is not on social media, you are operating at a disadvantage. Why? Because, unlike 10 years ago, most of our consumers are on some sort of social media.

So, how can you effectively market your business on social media? Well, this where 98070 Media comes in. We can show you.. for instance:

  1. The first rule of marketing on social media is BE ON social media. The first thing we always advise our clients to do is create or build out their social media accounts. Focusing on Facebook, Instagram, (which is owned by Facebook) Twitter and depending on the business Pintrest, Yelp and others.
  2. Second rule is: do something every day on social media. No, I am not saying post  business As a Vashon Island small business owner, the one you always need more of (besides customers) is time.
  3. The lack of time is the #1 reason I have a job. The last thing you have time for is to market your business. This is what I do best.

Ask any of our clients, they will all tell you the “the value 98070 media provides is that they save me time.”

Time is of the essence. Focus on the biggest bang for your buck. Using automation.

With all the hundreds and possibly thousands of social networks, which ones should you be working on? The answer?

WHERE IS YOUR AUDIENCE? Wherever THEY are, you should BE.