Vashon Island Bed and Breakfast Marketing Help

Talk about a competitive market! The Bed and Breakfast (BnB) and Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) markets have been booming for the last couple of years.

So here’s the question: How do you get your Vashon Island BnB or VRBO noticed, looked at and booked? Short answer: Know your audience, find where and how they are searching for a place to stay and be where they are looking. Many BnB’s and VRBO’s list their properties on the AirBnB site and call it good. ¬†These are great sites to advertise your business, but there is soooo much more to to marketing your Vashon Island bed and breakfast/vacation rental.

Here are some of the focus areas I target when working with BnB’s and VRBO’s on Vashon.

  • Vashon Island Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental Marketing helpHaving the RIGHT visual media
  • Website
  • Local and not so Local Travel Websites
  • Make sure your bed and breakfast is advertised or mentioned on popular local tourism websites
  • VRBO and AirBnB
  • Getting reviews, testimonials
  • Video (using YouTube to get traffic)
  • Social Media

Let me and my team get started on getting your VRBO/BnB out there and noticed! Every moment your business is not being used you are losing potential money. Let’s get a marketing strategy in place soon so you can maximize your rental dollars.

Contact us today for a free, non-salesy (is that a word?) consultation.