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Using Bothell Events to Drive Traffic

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Bothell small business marketing is not easy. In our little town of Bothell we have a very picky community. This community is out and about, doing what they are doing, getting stuck on 405, trying to find parking in downtown Bothell, their attention is elsewhere.

Local Bothell area events are a great way to drive traffic to your website, business or social media properties. So how can you leverage Bothell events to boost traffic? I’ll tell you.

First, trying to increase traffic to your website, social media platforms or into your brick and mortar business is not easy. If you are struggling finding ways to get people to see your product or service, you’re not alone, so don’t get down on yourself… we will fix it.

Why are local Bothell/Northshore events a great way to drive traffic? It’s because Bothellites would much rather attend an “event” rather than try your new pizza, see your new earring, try your new menu, enjoy your new coffee. They want an “experience. Events give people memories, which drives much of what we do. PUS, events can be promoted by a number of people, not just the business owner and we will explain that below.

So, here is how you can increase traffic to your business by using local events.

  1. Locate your preferred attendees. When targeting users for you event, think about your location and the location of your attendees. Would you want to drive for an hour to watch some local live music? Probably not. So, for targeting, let’s say that you focus on Bothell and it’s surrounding cities: Woodinville, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lynnwood and Mill Creek. Within these cities there are plenty of potential customers. So now we have our target area.
  2. Give yourself enough time. Depending on the event size, you need at least 1 month to properly promote your local Bothell event.
  3. Create your local the event. Ladies night, wine night, workshops, “Ask the owner” events, networking groups, pre-sales of new product offerings, before they are available to the public there are a ton of events you could create. Keep in mind that these local events must be authentic, they are about connecting. Make it an experience that customers will be talking about the next day. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these events either. Small and intimate events are just fine. Ask your customers what kind of events would THEY like to attend. Customers love being asked their input when it comes to a product, service or business they love.
  4. Bothell Event Promotion. Here’s the killer. This is the one that everyone struggles with and is quite frankly my favorite part of the event building process. You MUST have the steps before this complete before you start on the event promotion process.
    1. Event Landing Page. Once your promotion starts, everything you do should be an effort to drive traffic to your landing page. This is the page that you can monitor and evaluate to see where your traffic is coming from. Optimally, this page is a page on a website that you can monitor and track to determine where traffic is coming from. Finding the best referring websites is really important. Also, this page could be used as the “page of truth” that can be updated when and if there are changes or updates to the event. If you don’t have a website to use, feel free to use a third party’s website as that page such as Facebook, a community website link (like The Bothell Blog) or any other place that you can edit and track.
    1. YOUR social platforms. Once you have your landing page set up and configured. Start sharing on your social platforms. Use the LINK or URL that is created use that url and the keywords and hashtags your customers or potential customers would use to find your event. MAKE SURE you are using images and videos in your posts if possible.
    1. Neighborhood blogs and communities. If you have an event in or around Bothell, you MUST be posting your event to The Bothell Blog. The Bothell Blog has a large readership and a super strong social media presence. If your business is not in or around Bothell, then do some searching online to find similar blogs and communities. Event calendars are great… but not all blogs and websites have an event calendar. What is even better than posting your event is getting a blog post created about your event. Contacting local blog owners and asking to collaborate with them about mentioning your event is a great way to spread the word. Remember, they are looking for great content for their own platforms, perhaps you could provide that content by getting an interview done with you and speak about your event.
    1. Directly to YOUR current customers
      1. Face to Face. Make sure that every customer that comes through your door knows about your event. Have a simple flyer on the front door, have event a simpler insert that goes out with every order. Include all the information and especially your event landing page
      1. Email your event to your local email list. Keep in mind that not all folks on your list will be local enough to attend the event. I would suggest that if you are trying to build local events, identify the folks that are in the Bothell area within your email list and make sure they get an email regarding the event. I suggest sending an email 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week and the day of the event if possible. Make sure to include other valuable information about your business or product and remember to encourage your customers to share the event with their friends.
      1. Social networks mention. This is a no brainer. Make sure to get your event into Facebook events as soon as you know about it. You can always change details later, but as long as the date is pretty solid, get it into Facebook events.
      1. Add your local Bothell event to your website
    1. Leverage local Bothell community websites. Look around online for places in and around Bothell that your event can be promoted. Here is what I mean. Head to google, do a search for “Woodinville Event”. You fill find (go at least 5 pages back into the search results) a number of places these events can be added. Get your event added there. (ALWAYS ADD THE LINK TO YOUR LANDING PAGE) as backlinks are used by Google to rank your event.
    1. Others social media. Here is something that many event organizers miss. Finding local influencers in your area and asking them to post about your event is SUPER important. 425 Media has already built great relationships with local influencers, non-profits and businesses in the area. Having a network of folks that help you get the word out is SUPER important! This network is not easy to build, but worth every bit of effort.

425 Media has a proven process to promote your local events. We partner with a number of businesses already to help promote their Bothell area events and promotions. Through trial and error, we use proven methods we mention above to get the word out for our customers.

If you follow the process above, your events will be much more successful and profitable. The one issue we always find is that our customers just don’t have the time to promote their events properly and that’s where 425 Media shines. Not only do we have the time to do it, we LOVE doing it. If you need help promoting your next Bothell area event, let us know. We would love to partner with you.

Using local blogs to market your business

Leveraging LOCAL Blogs to Promote and Market Your Business

One of the most overlooked assets you have in your marketing tool belt are LOCAL BLOGS and INFLUENCERS.

When it comes to getting in front of eyeballs, why not use the folks who have already worked so hard to build an audience? Especially when it comes to social media, local blogs and influencers have a HUGE audience that are hyper focused on your location. Here is an example:

I have many customers all over Seattle’s eastside. I have quite a few in Bothell, just north of Kirkland. These clients are restaurants, contractors, hardwood flooring specialists, coffee shops. All of these businesses want LOCAL customers.

Use the Bothell Blog to market your Bothell, Woodinville and Kenmore BusinessAfter doing a quick search I found that the town of Bothell has a Blog, After checking out the site, I see that the blog has been around for a while, has up to date content and is indexed and ranked by Google. Ok, these guys are an “authority” in Bothell. They have a Bothell Events Calendar, a Fashion section, food section, nightlife section, happy hour section, etc.

So, if I had a Fashion or clothing store for instance, contacting that blog, requesting an interview or better yet, send them a blog post written as an interview. Send them images of your shop, even links to Youtube videos of walkthroughs of your shop. Provide that blogger with everything he or she will need to create a post (along with backlinks to your website, social and other properties).

The blogger is most likely busy, any time you can assist the blogger with getting your content listed, the better. In this case, the Bothell Blog seems to write most of their content themselves, so why not make it easy on them? All they want is great content for their Bothell, Kenmore, Mill Creek and Woodinville readers, right?

Also, I would make up some events, they have a page where you can submit events as well.

I checked out their social platforms as well, they have a great following on Instagram, Twitter AND Facebook. Why not create posts for each of those platforms for the blogger as well? Send them everything they need to help promote your shop.

IMPORTANT: The blogger will like that you have content created for them, that’s a great way to engage, but also offer mentions on your platforms. That blogger also would like some attention as well.

Another great value add about this is that you can then send most of that content to OTHER influencers or Bloggers in the area. This will really

You must do some “recon” to find who is in your area, you can use Google or Bing for this, also, I like using Facebook and Instagram, looking for hashtags of the town or city I am targeting. Do not look strictly for large numbers of followers, look for the engagement. You want to target audiences who engage.

Quit killing yourself for attention, find those who already have it, and partner with them.


425 Media Restaurant Marketing Services

The 425 Media Restaurant marketing service was built because of something we found consistent with every restaurant: restaurant owners and restaurant managers have very little time. Time is the one commodity that they cannot get enough of and marketing is the first area that always suffers. The 425 Restaurant marketing service was set up to take marketing of your restaurant off your plate so you can focus on your restaurant and day to day activities.

Here are the services we provide:

  • Restaurant Website management and marketing
  • Restaurant Social media management and marketing
  • Restaurant Email list management and marketing
  • Restaurant Online reputation management and marketing
  • Restaurant marketing strategy creation and implementation
  • Restaurant business listing management
  • Restaurant marketing reporting

For $500 a month, my team manages everything for you, start to finish. Schedule a 1:1 with me, I can come out to the restaurant and we can chat about how my team can help your business. It’s all about trust. My clients trust me and my services. Let’s meet up and chat to see if 425 Media is a good fit for your restaurant.

Make sure your winery and restaurant websites are https by October 2017

October Deadline: Is your restaurant or winery site HTTPS enabled?

This October is the deadline for your website to enable HTTPS. If your website does not have HTTPS enabled and it has a webform (a page that takes input from customers) on it that users use to input information, you WILL be effected.

This will happen only within Chrome browsers for the time being, however look for Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera to follow shortly after.

Depending on how your hosting is set up, it might be very simple to enforce HTTPS. It also might be a pain in the ass.

We don’t mind doing that research for you.. give us a call, or send us an email and we will perform a quick, FREE website evaluation around HTTPS and the top ten other things small businesses are forgetting to do on their website for NO CHARGE.

Why are we talking about a “security” issue on a marketing blog? It’s simple, first and foremost we want our readers and their visitors to be safe. Also, it is very likely you will be dinged for not having a HTTPS enabled site within Google rankings. We cannot confirm this, but it really makes sense.

To read more about this new “feature” coming to Chrome, feel free to check out the link below:


How to add an admin on Facebook. Like it!

How to add an ADMIN on your Facebook Page

Having someone manage your Facebook page can be one of the best things you do. Leaving the Facebook marketing to those who not only know it, they LOVE it is the best thing you could do for your business.

Here is how to add someone as an ADMIN on your Facebook page.

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Click on the little carrot (upside down triangle) in the top right.
  3. Select the page you want to give access
  4. Click SETTINGS on the upper right side of the page
  5. On the left select PAGE ROLES
  6. How to add and admin to a Facebook pageType in the name or email into the ASSIGN A NEW PAGE ROLE box.
    1. Note: You can click on the EDITOR box to the right to give more or less access. In this case we are giving ADMIN access, which is access that can do anything. The EDITOR role can do everything except change ROLES and manage settings.
  7. Click ADD
  8. You may be promoted to give your Facebook password (this will be the password that you use to log into Facebook on your personal account.
  9. DONE!

The user will then be sent a notification via Facebook (and email sometimes) that they have been requested to be an ADMIN of your page.


Woodinville wine social media marketing

Getting My Woodinville Winery Attention

Getting my imaginary Woodinville winery online attention is our next step. We have our platforms built out, now it is time to USE them. I am going to get very practical here. Let’s start with Facebook.

Using Facebook to market my winery. Since I have built and started my imaginary Woodinville winery, I must have an email list. It might be small, but I have friends, family, other wineries, partners and just people I have come across during my winery build-out. I would craft a great email asking each of them to like/follow my social platforms and, more importantly SHARE it with their friends and network. I would also be sure that my website has an email collecting mechanism.

I would also spend time doing a search on Woodinville wine and find all of the other wineries in the area and LIKE them. I would also LIKE all of the local restaurants in the area. By following all of these places, you are sure to get a few more LIKES out of it.

Once I start liking wineries in the area, I can see how they are posting. I can also start commenting on the posts and becoming a member of the community.

Speaking of being a member of the community, I would also join any Woodinville wine associations out there. This instantly would give my winery credibility and might help my efforts on social.

What would I post? Not really sure. As many images and videos of my own content as possible. I would also would use Google News and search for “woodinville wine”, “Washington wine” and start creating content around news that I have found.

REMEMBER: The purpose of social media and ALL OTHER WEBSITES is to point BACK to my website. It is on my website where I can control what is show, convert new customers. My website needs to be the HUB of my internet activity. I would focus on making my website come up first for the keywords I am hunting for.


Seattle Restaurant Marketing Checklist screenshot

Creating A Checklist for Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing in the Seattle area can be overwhelming. When working with many restaurants in the Seattle area, I noticed that there are some basic things that every restaurant should be doing.

What I decided to do is create a FREE Restaurant Marketing checklist that contains the BASIC tasks every restaurant should be doing online to ensure they are getting the eyeballs needed to get butts in the seats.

I started the checklist and noticed that the list started to get larger and larger… The goal of this basic checklist was not to  overwhelm the restaurateur, but give enough practical marketing tips that they could have a good basic presence on the web.

Anyhow, the list is coming along and will be available soon. Let me know if there is something specific added to the Restaurant Marketing Checklist.