Twitter Tip: How to Bookmark a Tweet

How to bookmark at tweet on Twitter.

First, why would you ever want to bookmark a tweet instead of just putting it in a list? Well, Twitter lists are public, people can see when you add people to a list. A bookmark is private and they are good for remembering old tweets or threads that you might wan to come back to, plus they are private on Twitter. No one can see your bookmark. I use bookmarks to come back to tweets when I have time to read them.

.To bookmark a tweet do do the following:

  1. Click the SHARE button on a tweet. Make sure you are in the tweet details. (just click the words in the tweet to get there from your feed)

2. Click the BOOKMARK icon to bookmark the tweet

Marketing your Business Northshore WA: Where to Start?

Small business marketing on the eastside - Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville

You have a great business in Northshore (Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville). You have a great product or service. You have great customers. Now what?

First things first, you need to get a great idea of who your ideal customer. We call this your business Avatar. Here are some questions you need to answer to start marketing your Northshore business.


Brewery, Cidery, Winery marketing help Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville

First things first, close your eyes and imagine your best customer. Think hard and think about how they purchase your service or product. Now:

    1. How old are they?
    2. Are they men or women?
    3. Where do they live?
    4. How much money do they spend?
    5. Will they spend again?

Once you have these questions answered, you should have a pretty good idea of who that ideal customer really is.

Now that we have this avatar it is time to ask the million dollar question:

Where is your avatar spending their time online?

Are they on Facebook? Are they on TikTok? Instagram? News sites? Local blogs? Are they on email? Do they use text?

Now that we know who you want as a customer and where they are spending their time online, it’s time to start targeting them.

My next blog post will talk about how to to first get your house in order, then more about targeting.